The Story Of Sam

- It's not strange, but it's just not normal -


A passion for polyrhythmic percussion began as a hobby when, at around 15, Sam heard djembe at a Techno party. He played with friends for fun but music is in his blood. Dad Paul is a well-known singer and Sam was tapping along to tunes at an early age. Sam and his djembe have now played at many gigs, from PRIVATE PARTIES TO MAJOR CLUBS, adding an extra dimension to a club night or special party occasion. Clubs also get great response by using video of Sam’s playing for publicity on web sites and social media.

A world with yummy spaghetti

Sam started a small " spaghetti only " restaurant in Roeselare, Belgium in 2014. The idea of beginning a small restaurant came from his father Paul, who was convinced a restaurant serving only one dish would be a hit! A little push from one of his icons, Dwayne " The Rock " Johnson in the movie Rundown, who also had the idea of starting a small restaurant, made Sam writing down some ideas one a piece of paper only to start 3 months later. Today the idea has grown, with the help of his girlfriend Veerle Jacobs, into a franchise concept with multiple restaurants.

A Digital World Of Creativity

Throughout the years, Sam has had a passion for webdesign and stuff... He started this business as a hobby, but because of high demand the hobby soon became a fun job. He was the marketing guy for his fathers business for several years. Today, Sam runs his own webdesign business called Digital Studio.

A gym gorilla, bouncer and sports nutrition bible

Sam started his life at the gym at the age of 20. Dedicated to transform his body, he entered a sports nutrition shop called Healthfactor. After meeting Steve, a pro bodybuilder who is now the godfather of his son Lewis, he was fascinated about the world of fitness and sports nutrition. Sam and Steve became training partners, buddies and best friends. After being educated by Steve in a world of fitness and nutrition, Sam decided to open a second Healthfactor shop in Roeselare which was a succesful business. During al these years and later, Sam also worked as a bouncer in several clubs.

The protector of Team Java

September 15 in the year 2016, a unique creation of 2 weird people was born. This little baby boy was called Lewis, the son of Jacobs Veerle and Van Opdenbosch Samuel ( JAVA ). Together with his family, Sam hopes to grow his business in order to pass it on from father to son and hopefully creating The Story Of Lewis.